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Anatta Art
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A Character Icon Directory


Looking for specific character icons, but don't want to shuffle from community to community searching? Welcome to Anatta Art, a character icon directory. Inspired by Hollow Art.

~ Rules for Submission ~

1. Each post must have icons for only one character.
2. Please post icons directly to your post. Do not fake-cut or link to outside sources. This is so people don't have to dig through posts to find specific icons.
3. All posts with more than 10 icons must be under a cut.
4. All posts must be tagged appropriately.
---If the tags for your post do not exist, please list the character's full name and the full name of the series/movie/canon somewhere in the post. (ie. Don't say Rena from Higurashi.) The tag will be added within a day or so.
5. If you want to plug an icon comm/journal of yours, please do so at the bottom of your contributing post. We're also open to affiliating with any icon journal or community.

~ Icon Table Generators ~

Malionette's Icon Generator - Ze Icon Table Generator - Angela's Table Generator - Icon Table(less) Generator - sgl_girl's Icon Generator

Questions? Suggestions? Notices? Would you like to affiliate? Feel free to address the moderator here. Special thanks to sunsingergirl for the advertising code.

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The more people who know about us and contribute, the more useful this directory can be.

Anatta Art
For all your RP icon needs.

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